Monday, 11 February 2008

Off to the coast

The weather was lovely again today and I never need much of an excuse to go out for the day.We were off to Weybourne today-a lovely place on the north norfolk coast.The dogs and the children all love this walk so we try to go as often as we can.
I love to make bears but as soon as the weather is nicer and the evenings get longer I find it so hard to stay focused.I do most of my bear making in the afternoons after school and in the evenings and when it is dark and miserable outside it is a great profession to have.When I was at school my school reports often used to say that Laurie doesn't even know what page we are on let alone what line and is easily distracted and I don't think I have changed much after all those years!
I managed to keep the children just about still for a group photo.The weather was warm enough for them to have a paddle-not what you normally expect at the start of February.You have to make the most of it as come July/August it will probably be raining and miserable and no good for the beach.
Must get on with my bears as I took 6 to my local shop today as my stocks in his shop are low and it only leaves me with 4 and if this lovely weather keeps up there won't be many more to take with me to the bear fair!!!!

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Lovely spring day

Well this is the first post on my blog.I never thought I would get around to having one as there is never enough hours in the day now.
It was such a lovely day today with the sun shining and we decided to take our dogs for a walk along Marriots Way(an old railway line that is now used for walking and is very popular for cycles as it runs for miles providing traffic free cycling -which isn't easy to find nowadays and makes the cycling much more enjoyable).It was lovely weather and no coats were needed and the children enjoyed the walk even though we walked for an hour and a half.My 5 year old never complained once and I think that children can enjoy walking as long as you keep the route interesting.I saw the first few snowdrops for this year that reminds you that spring is on its way.A thoroughly enjoyable day and walking can make you feel so refreshed.Now it is back to the bear making as a my local shop wants more bears and I have to get ready for a bear fair in Ipswich on 6th April and I seem to be forever sewing and I still don't have enough bears.