Sunday, 21 June 2009

Out and about around Norwich

The weather was lovely last weekend so we decided to take a stroll around the centre of Norwich.I love the city as I grew up very close to the centre of Norwich and could walk to the city within 20 minutes.We walked around the cathedral which I always find so serenly peaceful and we also walked past Pulls Ferry which is an old building in Norwich that is still lived in today and finally over the bridge and back to the car.It is so refreshing to have a lovely walk when the weather is so nice.
I am constantly sewing bears but never seem to have anything to show for it.I am just finishing off a swap bear with a lovely lady in the USA and I am now starting on 7 bears for a local shop so that will keep me busy for a while.I have submitted photos of my bears to the Teddy Bear Times and Collect It magazine as they both have Hugglets previews.This show is in Kensington London on September 13th and is the only show I am attending for the rest of this year.I have a few bears put away for the show but by the time I finish the shop order time will soon be ticking on to get the rest of the bears finished for the show.Why does the summer fly by so fast yet winter seems to drag on.Today is the longest day and the nights will slowly pull in and it seems too early as at this time of the year we are still waiting for summer to properly arrive.