Sunday, 2 January 2011

I had a lovely day at Brighton on Sunday December 12th when I attended the British Bear Artist Awards.I had a stand at the show and some of my bears found lovely new homes and I am pleased to announce that my miniature bear Benjamin got a third place in Category One for Miniatures.He is pictured here with his award(he is the brown bear with the white inset face).

I am already busy getting ready for my next two shows that are quite close together.The first show is Hugglets at Kensington London on Sunday February 27th 2011 and the second is the Blooming Bear online show which will be held on March 12th and 13th.Both shows have lots of gorgeous bears.

I highly recommend a visit to Hugglets as you won't be disappointed with such a large range of bears of all shapes and sizes.

The Blooming Bear show can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home and make sure you visit nice and early as many bears were sold within minutes at the start of the last show .There are 75 artists to choose from.