Saturday, 7 September 2013

Hugglets Preview

Just a few bears to show you that I am taking to Hugglets tomorrow.Would have liked to have made a few more for the show but time is always running away from me and there are never enough hours to    do what I want to do in a day.These are a new size for me and are around 8.5 inches high.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

I have just received confirmation that I will be attending the Teddies Worldwide Christmas show.I have attended the spring show more than a few times but have never been fortunate to get into the Christmas Show as there is a selection process with these shows and many artists put in applications and there are only 75 places.I can't wait to get started on some bears as I have never made any themed bears in my 8 years of bear making so this will be a first for me.I have ideas already for bears so it is just putting them into practice.Firstly though I really need to get on with my Hugglets bears for September as there are only 8 weeks left to go and I haven't made a single thing.Winter is easier for me for my bear making as it gets dark early and it is easier to curl up indoors and sew but this time of the year is hopeless for me as there are too many distractions with the lovely weather and light evenings.Today the weather is very hot in Norfolk so I will be glad to sit down indoors where it is cooler and stuff a bear head that has sat patiently waiting for much too long :0)

Sunday, 5 May 2013

New Bear for sale!!!

I am busy as a bee in the winter months making bears for Hugglets and the Teddies Worldwide online show in March but as soon as I don't have any deadlines to meet and spring arrives my bear making goes to pot.It is so easy for me to get distracted with other things when we have more day light hours such as walking dogs,decorating etc.The trouble is with working in my other job too and my children and pets to look after what little time I have left to make bears just disappears.I now have 2 commission bears to make for a wedding in July and I want to enter a competition or two so I really need to get on.There is also the Hugglets show  in September which seems a long way off but the speed in which I work means I need to start now lol!
Anyway I do have this sweet little bear called Thornton and he is 4.25 inches high and is priced at £60 with £5 uk postage and £7 overseas postage(full insurance).You can contact me at or take a look at my website

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Teddies Worldwide Online Show

The show has started....75 artists all with new bears for sale and selling between 5 and 10 bears each.It runs from 22nd March 4pm New York time and finishes 24th March 4pm New York time.
I have 5 bears for sale in the under 5 category...
Harry...4.25 inches high (pale green bear)****SOLD***
Humbug....5 inches high (stripey bear)    ****SOLD****
Bronson....4.25 inches high (brown panda)****SOLD***
Choccie...4.25 inches high (orange bear)****SOLD****
Piggle...4.5 inches high (pink and pale grey panda)****SOLD****

To visit the show go to

Friday, 8 March 2013

Preview Bear for the Teddies Worldwide Online Show!!!

The preview has started for the Teddies Worldwide Online show.My little bear for the preview is called Harry and is 4.25 inches high and is made with sassy fabric.There are only 2 weeks left before the show starts and I have lots to do.I am exhibiting in the under 5 inch category and am hoping to have the minimum of 5 bears for the show.
To vote for your favourite preview bear go to

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Three new bears for sale!!!

I have 3 new bears for sale...these are the last few from Hugglets.
The next bears I will have for sale will be on the Teddies Worldwide Online Show on March 22nd to March 24th. I am busy in my studio creating bears for this event...can't wait :0)
I have a 4.25 inch black and orange bear called Pumpkin £55 ****SOLD*****
A sweet pale grey 5 inch elephant called Esme £55
and a  4.25 inch blue bear called Moomin £55 *****SOLD****
Please look on my website for further details

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Just back from Hugglets!

Had a really fab day at Hugglets today.I sold lots of bears so just have 4  new ones to list in the next few days so watch this space.
One of the bears is Jeremiah and he is made with a hand dyed schulte mohair and is 5 inches high.He is priced at £55 with £5 uk postage and £7 overseas postage with full  insurance.
I love going to Hugglets to see all the lovely bears for sale and to choose from  the wonderful mohairs on offer.I am like a child in a sweet shop though when choosing the fur.I just want to buy them all so I can have one piece of everything lol. Having a piece of mohair in front of you is like having a blank canvas...who knows what sweet face will emerge and what character will come out.That is what I love about making two are ever alike!

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Two more bears for Hugglets

I have 2 more bears to show you that are ready for Hugglets in 3 weeks.They are called Souffle and Chester.
Souffle is made with a lovely long cream coloured schulte mohair.I don't think that I have made such a hairy bear! Chester is a taupe colour and also made in a schulte mohair.He has a very endearing expression don't you think?Both bears are 12 inches high.
I have made bears for 8 years now and I still find that after all this time my bears never seem to want to come out the same....they all have their own little look.I see artists that make bears and their bears all look exactly the same apart from the colours used and try as I might my bears just choose how they want to look.It is great that they all look so different but also frustrating when I get a lovely face and  I wish they could all come out like that. I know now and have to accept that the next bear will look nothing like the last one as they all want to be individuals!!!

Friday, 1 February 2013

Teddies Worldwide Online Show

I have just accepted a place for the Teddies Worldwide Online show and will be creating some new miniatures especially for the show.
The show is a 2 day event and contains 75 bear artists from around the world.We all have to have a minimum of 5 bears for sale and these must be bears that haven't previously been for sale anywhere else.This makes the show great fun to visit so why not mark the date in your diary.
I got some lovely new swing tags in the post today for my bears.I am really pleased with them so am looking forward to using them on my show bears :0)

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Dooby and Peaches ready for Hugglets!

I have 2 bears to show you that are coming to Hugglets with me on February 24th and they are Dooby and Peaches.
Dooby is 12 inches high and is made with schulte mohair and Peaches is also 12 inches high and is made with a tipped schulte mohair.Hope  you like them :0)

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Hugglets bears preview!


I have some bears to show you that will be coming with me to Hugglets bear fair in  Kensington London on Sunday 24th February 2013.These bears are all part of my new Smiley bears collection.They are all around 6 inches high and made from mohair.
Hugglets is a great show and the biggest in the country and held twice a year...February and September.
I will update my blog as much as possible as I finish the bears...I have about 12 bears in various stages of completion and hoping to finish them all in time.
I am having problems with my website at the moment and am unable to update it so my blog or my facebook page...Laurie Lou Bears will be the best place to check for updates :0)