Saturday, 13 July 2013

I have just received confirmation that I will be attending the Teddies Worldwide Christmas show.I have attended the spring show more than a few times but have never been fortunate to get into the Christmas Show as there is a selection process with these shows and many artists put in applications and there are only 75 places.I can't wait to get started on some bears as I have never made any themed bears in my 8 years of bear making so this will be a first for me.I have ideas already for bears so it is just putting them into practice.Firstly though I really need to get on with my Hugglets bears for September as there are only 8 weeks left to go and I haven't made a single thing.Winter is easier for me for my bear making as it gets dark early and it is easier to curl up indoors and sew but this time of the year is hopeless for me as there are too many distractions with the lovely weather and light evenings.Today the weather is very hot in Norfolk so I will be glad to sit down indoors where it is cooler and stuff a bear head that has sat patiently waiting for much too long :0)