Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Two new mini rabbits and a mini elephant

I have been quite busy making my new creations and these rabbits are the first that I have created.They were supposed to be bears but they just looked more like rabbits so here they are.Hoppity is the green rabbit and Hippity is the blue rabbit and they are both 4.25 inches.Trunky is 5 inches high.I want to have a go at making a mini cat next so you will have to watch this space.It is frustrating trying out new things until you are happy with what you have set out to do but it gives you great variety when you finally get the results that you want.
Life has been busy over the last few weeks and nothing ever goes to plan but you tend to get used to it.We have had some lovely sunny weather over here in the last few weeks and it finally seems that spring is here.I enjoy taking the dogs over the woods every day when the weather is like this.I have always been an outdoor person and don't need a lot of excuse to get outside although I am afraid I am not a great gardener.To me gardening is just like housework but you do it outside.I would rather go and muck a horses stable out than go and dig over a garden.I think if I had the right size and type garden I would be more interested and would love to be able to grow my own veggies and have loads of fruit bushes or plants.Maybe one day I will then I will be able to call myself a gardener and know the difference between a weed and a flower!!!!

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FenBeary Folk said...

What a delightful trio
Sue xx