Wednesday, 27 May 2009

A day at the beach

It was such a lovely day Sunday that we decided to go to the beach.The sky was a lovely shade of blue with no clouds in sight.The boys had fun playing on the beach and paddling in the sea...lucky I took a spare set of clothes for them all as they needed them.

I am slacking a bit on my blog at the moment as you don't realise how long it is since you last posted as time flies by so quickly.I am busy with my bears at the moment as I am trying to get ahead of myself with my stock so I can then have a bit of fun trying out the new things that I keep wanting to do and never seem to have the time for.At least I won't feel so guilty about spending time on new things if I have some bears already made.It always seems that if I slacken off a bit that is when I make sales and then have to work hard trying to catch myself up.I took 4 of my minis to a local seaside bear shop last month and thought that they would keep them going for a little while but the shop owner rang me up 4 days later and told me she only had one bear left and by the time I took a few more in the last mini had gone.It gives you the boost to keep making the bears knowing that you have sales although I like to have a happy medium of not having loads of bears in stock but not running out either.I am only making minis at the moment and I love it.

My siamese was being his usual helpful self this afternoon and was continually trying to take my pins and ears of my bears.He was even trying to bite my cotton reels and my scissors!!If that didn't grab my attention he kept trying to bite my arm and play.He knows I am easily distracted and can't resist his charms.Well back to work as I have a bear to stuff.

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