Monday, 7 September 2009

Bears for Hugglets

I have just three bears to finish for Hugglets which is on Sunday 13th September in Kensington London.They have a website if you would like to find more details
I thought that I would show you three of the 21 bears that I plan to take with me.I do love to make these old tatty looking bears and these are always the hardest to part with...I think that they just tug at your heartstrings.I was hoping to be all finished by now but summertime and children called so we have been out on our bikes a lot this holiday and I have really enjoyed it.The bear making does tend to take a back seat this time of the year but I would rather be out and about enjoying the light evenings and nice weather.There is plenty of time for bearmaking in the winter when there is not a lot to do when it is dark at 4pm.Well back to the bear making otherwise I will never be ready and half the bears are unnamed yet too.I always leave that until last unless on the odd occasion a name just comes straight to me as I am making the bear.It is so much easier that way!

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Julie said...

Sweet bears!
Happy New year
x Julie x