Tuesday, 24 June 2008

New mini bears

I have just finished 2 mini bears.Boswell is the gold bear and is 4.25 inches and Tiny is pale green and is 4 inches.I haven't made many minis probably only 8 so far but I must say they are quite addictive.They show every little error in your sewing and I find this a challenge in itself as you know that your work has to be perfect or it will show.
I am at the Norwich bear fair at St Andrews hall in Norwich on 23rd August and am busy trying to make bears although I am doing elephants at the moment.I want to make more minis but will wait until after the show as I like to pick up my fabrics,mohair etc at these events.Fabrics can be sent through the post including samples but it is so much nicer to be able to see the mohair and fabric and feel it.The only downside is I want to buy nearly every piece I see and in every colour possible and it is so hard to resist.If I won the lottery I think I would have a room full to the ceiling with mohair......oh well I can dream can't I!!!!


All Bear said...

Love the mini's!

Pauline said...

Your minis are so cute Laurie. It's nice to have a fair to work towards too, I find it so inspiring to have targets.


Laurie said...

Thanks for your lovely comments Paula and Pauline.I am still trying to finish enough bears for the show-I hope to take about 16.Having a show to do does make you more productive-it inspires you to get a move on!!!

BumbleVee said...

I love these little guys! Of course I am partial to minis as that is mostly what I make.

found your blog from Pauline's....have really enjoyed seeing the pics of the scenery. Can't believe how two of them from the walk look almost like photos of Africa. Must be something about the tree forms and the sky colours...beautiful!

For your table at the fair... I didn't have too many minis for my first and only bear show (there was only the one in about 10 years!) ... so I put on some small cabinets and a set of tiny drawers with a bear and some beautiful ribbons dangling from each... a couple of small mirrors with interesting frames on them leaning against one of the boxes under the tables cloth might work as well.

Good luck with the fair and can't wait to see your elephants... one thing I have not made that I would love to do... elephants are great. I seem to have got stuck on poodles for a bit....

Laurie said...

Thanks for the tips for the show.I make bears up to 15 inches so added a few bigger bears for the show.Hopefully that will make my table look a little fuller!
I am nearly done-just 4 to finish.I want to get them done a week before the show as I don't like last minute pressure.