Sunday, 27 July 2008

3 new elephants

I have finally finished the elephants.They are un named as yet-I tend to leave it until last as I find it so hard to choose names.
They are all made with schulte mohair.The red elephant is 9.5 inches,the elephant with flowery ears is 7.5 inches and the last one is 6.5 inches and he is my favourite.Four more bears to go and that will be my lot for the show on 23rd August.I like to do a certain amount of bears and then hopefully finish them with a week to spare so I don't feel pressured.I think I will try and catch up on reading my magazines etc as I am about 4 issues behind at the moment as every spare minute is made making the bears and I am such a slow worker.I would also love to try out the needle felting kit that I had for xmas as the book that came with it hasn't even been looked at yet.Oh for more hours in the day......


Draffin Bears said...

I love your three new elephants Laurie - so cute.

I know what you mean about catching up with reading those magazines you have waiting to read,
I am the same.

Enjoy your weekend.


julietk said...

Just to let you know I popped in :D love the Elephants How about Fluer for the middle one, bear hugs Juliet

Laurie said...

Thank you for your lovely comments.I have named all the elephants and the middle one is called Rose-it had to be something to do with her flowery feet didn't it:)