Saturday, 10 January 2009

My gorgeous puddle from Wendy

I am a bit slow posting this but as xmas is over and I am now getting over this flu bug I thought it was about time I posted my lovely swap that I done with Wendy from Matilda-Huggington beare in Australia .We each received our swaps before xmas with my elephant taking 5 days longer to arrive even though we posted the same day.I was starting to worry in case he had got lost.Well anyway my Merry Sparkle puddle is gorgeous and I love him.He is so well made and I love everything about him.He has inspired me to have a go at needlefelting as I bought myself a kit just after xmas last year and I am ashamed to say that it is still in its box.I really want to have a go at the needlefelting and hopefully I will have made something by the time I next post even even if I just needlefelt the feet and paws on a bear that I finished not long ago.I don't want the bear sitting there until next xmas do I
because the kit is STILL in its box!!!!

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julietk said...

Have a go it really is addictive and the scope for making bear faces is endless. Mini Hugs Juliet