Monday, 19 January 2009

New bears for 2009

I am trying my hardest to keep my blog more up to date but it seems the longer I have been making bears the more sites I sign up to and I just forget how many different things I have on the go including my blog.There are passwords for this and passwords for that and I am sure I wrote them all down somewhere but I have this bad habit of putting important things away in a safe place so that they don't get lost or to stop the children finding and moving them but when it comes to finding them I can't remember where my safe hiding place was!!!
Anyway onto my latest bears.There are two new minis just over 4 inches and two bears in a new design that are both around 11 inches.I am still finding that I really am loving the minis at the moment and am now making two bears around 3.5 inches and they will be the smallest I have done.I just love making them even though they are so frustrating as it can be such a challenge trying to make something so small.It is not sewing the small bears that bother me it is trying to make a bear that small with a face that I like and there have been a few that end up in the bin.I am cruel I know but it has to be done as I will not make a bear just for the sake of it if the face is not up to scratch.I hope you like my new bears and they can be seen on my website


julietk said...

Beautiful Bears :)
I have tagged you see my blog for details ,Juliet

Sue, FenBeary Folk said...

Hi Laurie, i have just awarded you one of my blog awards, for details please see my blog
Huggies Sue xx

Patty B. said...

Hi Laurie, great bears! I especially like the one with th bow tie. Oh yeah, I've tagged you for 6 random things about yourself (only if you have time). See my blog for details.

Stine said...

Hi Laurie,
I just saw your blog and I must say that your bears are adorable. I have made teddy bears for almost 10 years, but have just started making small bears. I love it.
Hugs Stine