Friday, 30 January 2009


I must apologise for not participating in all the blog awards and tagging on my blog but I received far too many requests all in one go including some by e mail so thought it fair that I would not participate in any so not to upset anyone.I have just been too busy lately.There is an endless round of doctors and dentists appointments ,helping at playschools etc and just not enough hours in the day.I usually make my bears in the afternoons and evenings and have been really slack this past week.First the washing machine broke last week so it had to be replaced and then we had a phonecall to say our new settees were ready to be collected-not too good timing moneywise.Then to top it all off my cooker blew up this week and we had to spend £400 on a new one.I hope nothing else happens as I want to go to hugglets in a few weeks and
will want some money to spend on materials.

I have posted a photo of 2 of my cats.The left one is a balinese and the right one is a siamese.The siamese is 1.5 years old but if you want a nice quiet cat don't have one of these.He is a super little cat but has he got energy.He tears around the house including racing down the stairs and whizzing across the living room at great speed and then takes a flying leap out of the living room window where he can safely go outside in an enclosed area.He is such a fun cat and loves to play although all the other cats find him a bit too lively.You know when he is hungry because he starts to chew on any plastic he can find so its like having young children about where you have to keep things out of his way.
Well it is time for me to go as it is nearly 1am.Trouble is the later I go to bed the harder I find it to go to sleep.


Sarah said...

Things always happen at once don't they? Hope things settle down for you.

We have a white Siamese! You are so right about them being noisy! Our Alfie doesn't look as perfect as yours though, as last year he had a haematoma in his ear, which made his ear go all crinkled!

Hugs, Sarah x

Laurie said...

I had read on your blog about your Siamese Sarah and hope all is well with him now.
Once you have a Siamese you can't imagine having any other cat.I have lost count of how many times I have nearly fell over him when he suddenly appears from nowhere at high speed:0)