Sunday, 15 February 2009

Sunday stroll

I decided to go for a walk today as even though I take the dogs out everyday to the woods opposite our house we haven't really been much further afield all winter either because of the weather or the kids have been ill or we have.It was a murky old day but it doesn't bother me as long as it is not raining.We walked along Marriots way and around Costessey(which is pronounced Cossey).It is only about 3 miles from our house and the walk included Marriots Way which is a disused railway line which ceased to be used in the early 80's.You can see the amount of water in the horses field and that has gone down a lot since I went past there Friday.The third photo is Costessey Mill and the fourth photo is the view from the bridge on Marriots way at Drayton-you can see the flooding on the left side of the river..We are lucky to live on the North Norfolk side of the city so there are loads of lovely walks around this way.I much prefer to walk in the cooler months as it is easier to warm yourself up than try to cool down on a hot day.Hopefully the weather will start improving soon so we will be able to go out more often.It is surprising though that you have all this lovely countryside yet the amount of people that you see walking you can usually count on one hand.I love to go for a walk and will soon abandon the bear making when there is a chance of going out somewhere.It is easy to stay focused making bears in the winter when it is dark early but when the weather improves I'm off!!!!

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Pauline said...

I don't blame you Laurie, It's a nice area that you live in, I would be out and about too the bears will wait for rainy days.