Tuesday, 24 February 2009

A visit to London including hugglets(part 1)

We travelled by coach to London t
o visit the prestigious teddy bear fair called hugglets on Sunday and I went into the show for 3 hours whilst hubby wandered around London for most of the time taking photos.There were some gorgeous bears at the show but I went for supplies and just had to make do with window shopping.It is so easy to feel overwhelmed by the choice of bears and even 3 hours to wander around the show isn't enough but we had to catch the coach by 3 0'clock so I had no choice but to leave early.London has plenty of lovely sights to see but you need much more than a day to take it all in.The first and last photo is of Kensington Palace and gardens where Princess Diana lived and the second photo is of the Royal Albert Hall and the fourth is inside the hugglets bear fair.I have added another post for you to see more photos of the Kensington Palace gardens.

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All Bear said...

Love the London Photos Laurie! Wish I'd had time to get out and about with my camera ... maybe I'll have to make a special trip on a non-bear show day!