Saturday, 7 February 2009

My two horses

I thought that I would show you some photos of my horses.The one with me is a highland and the little black and white one is a shetland.I have had them both since they were a year old which is quite a few years now.The highlands mum came from a wild herd in the outer hebrides and when the owner went up the field they found a foal that they didn't even realise the mare was carrying.It can be quite hard work looking after horses and they have to be mucked out every day.The shetland is stabled all the time as she suffers from laminitis which is a condition that can be caused by different things although the main culprit is not being able to tolerate too much grass.They end up with very painful feet because of it.She goes out for a little while with a muzzle on so she can't get to the grass but she is very crafty and will rub against the wheelbarrow and try to rub it off so whilst you think she is wandering around the paddock you then realise her muzzle is laying on the floor and she is helping herself to the grass that she is not supposed to have.When she was allowed out in the field she always thought the grass was greener on the other side of the fence and would try to get out.She has been caught pulling the clips out of the fence (that hold the wire onto the posts ) then once she has done that she then lifts up the wire and goes underneath the fence.She also used to pull up the plastic electric fencing posts with her teeth.I would often go to get her in from the field and she was in the wrong one.
I would love to get back into horse riding as I used to love riding.I saw a lovely place to ride not so long back but when I checked out the price it was £45 an hour.I think I should start saving now!!!


Pauline said...

They are really lovely animals Laurie,must be such a pleasure for you. How on earth do you get time to make bears you busy lady


Ruth said...

£45 an hour !!!!! Boy I've really lost touch Laurie ! I used to ride from age 7 to 14 and I sometimes think I'd like to do it again .... but maybe not then ! :0)
Both your little horsies are gorgeous.
Huggies , Ruth

Laurie said...

Pauline it can be hard to find the time to make bears but I always fit it in somewhere.
Ruth I was shocked too though this lady has beautiful horses trained to a high standard.When I checked other places though they were still£30 an hour.